Exchange Network Services Center Help


The Exchange Network Services Center is a web based tool designed to allow Exchange Network users the ability to easily send, get and download information from other partners on the Exchange Network.

The Exchange Network Services Center utilizes three methods for the exchange of environmental information:

Submit: Submit documents or information to another system on the Exchange Network.
Get Info: Retrieve information from another system on the Exchange Network. This information is retrieved immediately through query services or requested and then downloaded through solicit services.
Download: Download a document from another system on the Exchange Network with a transaction or document ID.

The Services Center provides two options for using data services. Guide Me Step-by-Step guides more novice users through the steps necessary to complete the transaction. Express Request allows advanced users to quickly complete their transaction. The Service Center tracks a user’s previously used services and past activity for easy use in the future.

News and Data Channels are available through the Services Center and provide up-to-date information regarding Exchange Network data flows.


Exchange Network Services Center - Glossary

AQSAir Quality System
CASChemical Abstract Service number
CDXCentral Data Exchange
DMRDischarge Monitoring Report
eDMRElectronic Discharge Monitoring Reports system
EISEmissions Inventory System
FRSFacility Registry System
ECOSEnvironmental Council of States
ENExchange Network
EPAEnvironmental Protection Agency
ENDSExchange Network Discovery Service
ICIS-NPDESIntegrated Compliance Information System National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
NAICSNorth American Industry Classification System
NCTNode Certification Tool
NetDMRNetwork Discharge Monitoring Report system
OEIOffice of Environmental Information
RCRAResource Conservation and Recovery Act
RCRAinfoResource Conservation and Recovery Act system
SDWISSafe Drinking Water Information System
SICStandard Industrial Classification
SRSSubstance Registry System
TRIToxic Release Inventory
UICUnderground Injection Controls
WQXWater Quality Exchange